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Realms Of Rebel




Release: April 24, 2001

Rarely does a CD come to RAS that seems so timely and on target. This new release from respected reggae artist Tony Rebel is one of these rare gems that will shine on and on into the future. An artist that the whole of the Jamaican and reggae community look up to, Tony Rebel is a unique and creative force that beats to his own drum and composes his material from spiritual meditation.

After releasing an early CD through RAS Records, Rebellious (RAS 3097), Tony was signed to Sony and had a successful career with them being also featured on the “Cool Runnings” soundtrack.  Later, he came out with one of the most powerful songs in Jamaican musical history.  This song, “Jah By My Side,” became like the national anthem of Jamaica and was the theme song for the World Cup Reggae Boyz soccer team. A song of great relevance and spiritual inspiration, “Jah By My Side” continues to be admired by reggae fans the world over.

Realms Of Rebel is his follow-up release to the “If Jah” album and it features a Latin version of “Jah By My Side,” sung in Spanish by Tony and adorned with a new mambo beat as performed by Sly Dunbar and Stephen “Lanky” Marsden. The original “Jah By My Side” as well as this Spanish Version,”Si Jah Esta A Lado De Mi,” will be released on a CD single with various dub versions added.  As well, a video will be shot in Puerto Rico of this new Latin version.

Rebel has utilized producer Donovan Germain as well as using his own expertise to bring a 16 track masterwork which goes from strength to strength and will bring dancehall music to new heights.  Tracks like “Loyal Soldier” and “Rasta Right Again” speak of the need to stick to one’s convictions—even in these Perilous Times.  The bouncy “Need Your Love” and “Unconditional Love” speak to the romantic side present in Mr. Rebel.  A precious hymn dedicated to his mother, “Queen Divine” and the Nyahbingi flavored “Praise In The Morning” close out this journey in a gentle and positive finality.

 So rejoice and penetrate the message and vibes from a deep and poignant artist who can really rock the reggae rhythm. It’s Tony Rebel, once again shocking out with 16 brand new boom shots. Go deh.


Track Listing:  
  1.) Loyal Soldier
  2.) Si Jah Esta a Lado De Me
  3.) Hypocrites
  4.) Perilous Time
  5.) Things Take Time
  6.) Things Will Work Out
  7.) Need Your Love
  8.) One Love
  9.) Rasta Right Again
10.) Judgement
11.) A So We Like It
12.) Unconditional Love
14.) Who Is?
15.) Queen Divine
16.) Praises In The Morning


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