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RAS Portraits - DUB   RAS 89905

Produced by: DUB

Recorded by: DUB
Mixed by: DUB

Released: July 22. 2003


RAS Records has blasted the doors wide open to bring to you RAS Dub Portraits, featuring 12 dubbed-out tracks reinvented by Dr. Dubenstein to take you on a tantalizing dub adventure. The journey starts with the lush foundation of the original tracks, and ends in a vast aural landscape of crashing snares and chest-crushing bass.

Today the word DUB is used to describe a genre of music consisting primarily of instrumental remixes of existing recordings. Through the use of sound effects, the recording is radically reshaped and manipulated, resulting in a remixed version where audio effects and studio “trickery” are an integral part of the music.

RAS Portraits “Dub” presents songs from such artists as Black Uhuru, Israel Vibration, Yellowman and many more. With mixes from great engineers like Lee “Scratch” Perry, Scientist, Mad Professor and Jim Fox, you’ll be able to sample a wide variety of the many styles of dub.

                   WARNING: This disc will give your stereo system an amazing test!

Track Listing: Dub Mixes by:
01 Intro Dr Dubenstein
02 Sky Gazer / Augustus Pablo Dr. Marshall
03 A Bit Of Ready Made Sauce / Yellowman Mad Professor
04 Watch Your Step / Roots Radics Jim Fox
05 Gondwana Medley / Gondwana Jim Fox
06 Over Drive / Xterminator Soljie
07 Dub Dreams / Bunny Wailer Sylvian Morris
08 Strickly Roots / Dr. Dubenstein Dr Dubenstein
09 Unconquered People / Israel Vibration Paul Davis
10 A Stinking Dub / Barrington Levy Jim Fox
11 Beam Me Up Dubby / Scientist/Culture Scientist
12 Nuclear Dub / Israel Vibration Jim Fox
13 Long Time / Israel Vibration Soljie
14 I’m Leaving / Don Carlos Jim Fox
15 Live as One Dub / Foxy Brown Jim Fox
16 International Farmer / Peter Broggs Jim Fox
17 Praise Jah / Sanchez Jim Fox
18 Weaponist / Luciano Soljie




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