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RAS Portraits - Roots Rock Reggae   RAS 89906

Produced by: Various

Recorded by: Various
Mixed by: Various

Released: June 3. 2003

“Play I Some Music, A Dis A Reggae Music,” “Roots Rock Reggae, A Dis A Reggae Music.”
— Bob Marley

Every Sunday night I began my reggae show with this track from Bob Marley. Featuring the Roots and the Rock of Reggae, I was bringing Washingtonians the “Night Of The Living Dread” radio show on WHFS-FM hosted by yours truly, Doctor Dread. I knew I was playing music that the people were digging because I would get calls all night long from loads of people staying up late and listening to some very tough reggae. This was the genesis of what would later become RAS Records or Real Authentic Sound.

After management at the station caught wind I had started a label, they brought up some “conflict of interest” statute and booted me off the air. This fueled my fire and desire to create and produce reggae that represented the Real Authentic Sound of Jamaica.  Now twenty some years later I bring you some of our best hardcore reggae to get you jammin’ again.

All these tracks are hand picked to represent what I feel is some of our best product ever. So enjoy. Perfect for a summer outing or while chilling in your crib. To be widely circulated at radio and press.

Doctor Dread


Track Listing:

1.   Tenement Yard (Jacob Miller)
2.   Prison Oval Rock (Barrington Levy)
3.   Addis Ababba (Culture)
4.   Rastaman Chant Niahbingi (Peter Broggs)
5.   Dread In The Mountain (Black Uhuru)
6.   Cool And Calm (Israel Vibration)
7.   Slave Driver (Gregory Isaacs)
8.   Revolution (Dennis Brown)
9.   The Same Song (Israel Vibration)
10. Chapter 2 (Prince Malachi)
11. Keep The Faith (Frankie Paul)
12. Righteous (Mystic Revelers)
13. Africa (Don Carlos)
14. Roots Rock Reggae (Dean Fraser)
15. Kushites Dub (Augustus Pablo)


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