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Yellow Like Cheese   RAS 3019

Yellow Like Cheese  
Produced by: Phillip Burrell

Recorded and Mixed by: Mikey Riley at Dynamic Studio, Kingston, Jamaica

Released: 1987

 With Yellowman riding the rhythms of the legendary Sly and Robbie, you will surely be pleased.


Track Listing:

01. Budget
Foster 3:45
02. Easy Me Ting
Foster 3:48
03. Gaze
Foster 3:53
04. Want A Woman
Foster 3:37
05. No Touch Ya So
Foster 3:36
06. Yellow Like Cheese
Foster 4:06
07. No Get Nuthin
Foster 3:58
08. Ain't No Meaning
Foster 4:08
09. Na No Lyrics
Foster 3:35
10. Mi Mother Love, My Father Love
Foster 3:43



Drums: Sly Dunbar
Bass: Robbie Shakespeare
Guitars: Robbie Shakespeare, Danny Thompson
Piano: Robbie Shakespeare, Jackie Mittoo
Synthesizer: Robbie Lyn, Asher
Additional Vocals: Al Campbell

Production Credits:

Design by Tony McDermont
Photo by Jean Bernard



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