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Reggae On The Move   RAS 3094

Reggae On The Move  
Produced by: Doctor Dread

Recorded by: Paul Newton and Conrad Malcolm at Music Works (Kingston, JA) , Overdubs at Mixing Lab (Kingston, JA)
Mixed by: Jim Fox (Assistance by Derek, Richie, and Bobo) at LION and FOX Recording Studios, USA

Released : 1992

Everybody jump around - Reggae On The Move!

Track Listing:

01. Reggae On The Move
02. Dancehall Tamborine
03. Do It To Me
04. Love It
05. Love King Yellow
06. Got The Rammer
07. Yo-Yo
08. Be My Guest
09. Happy For The Rest Of Your Life
10. King



Firehouse Crew
Danny : Drum Machine
Bass: Brownie, Robbie Shakespeare
Additional overdubs by Simeon Stewart, Derrick Barnett, Richard Foulks, and Michael Levine
Background Vocals: 54-46, Richard Foulks, Derrick Barnett

Production Credits:

Produced by Doctor Dread ( Special thanks to Simeon Stewart)
Design by Graffito
Illustration by Dave Plunkert



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